About Us

Treadwell Tree Nursery is a small hobby farm located near the Saint John airport in New Brunswick. The nursery was set in motion in 2017 in response to a lifelong love for trees and a deep concern for the negative environmental affects of clear cutting forests around the world.

Our landscaping trees are container grown 2 to 5 feet tall before planting or passing them on to a customer. The benefits of planting a smaller tree include a root structure that is healthier and not bound up in the pot, thus, it can establish faster once planted. The prices are very affordable and they can easily be transported in a car.

All trees are propagated using a combination of Jiffy pellets and reusable root trainer pots/plugs. Those that have not been planted after the first year are transplanted into reused/repurposed containers. No additional plastic is needed. Seeds that are collected personally are harvested from large healthy specimens in southern New Brunswick.

The nursery does not maintain regular hours and can be visited by appointment only through the website contact form, cell and Facebook Marketplace messenger. Visitations can be arranged for most evenings during the work week and anytime at weekends.