Landscaping Inventory

The inventory below shows all the tree species and the sizes if available. It is updated on a weekly basis at the end of the week.

The prices in the first table are calculated based on two attributes – Growth Rate and Height.

HeightGrowth RatePrice
1-2 ftFast/Moderate
2-3 ftFast/Moderate
3-4 ftFast/Moderate
4-5 ftFast/Moderate



PLEASE NOTE:   We are not growing cultivated Apple, Pear, Cherry and Plum trees. These are typically not grown from seed and need to be grafted for genetic preservation which is not something the nursery does at this time.

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Common NameScientific NameGrowth RateHeightQuantity/Available
Field MapleAcer CampestreModerate5-6ft1
Amur MapleAcer GinnalaModerate-SOLD OUT
Paperbark Maple*Acer GriseumSlow-FALL 2024
Ash Leaved MapleAcer NegundoFast5-6ft5
Japanese MapleAcer PalmatumSlow-SOLD OUT
Striped MapleAcer PensylvanicumModerate1-2ft2
Sycamore MapleAcer PseudoplatanusModerate6-8ft3
Red MapleAcer RubrumModerate-FALL 2024
Silver MapleAcer SaccharinumFast4-5ft6
Sugar MapleAcer SaccharumModerate-FALL 2024
Yellow BuckeyeAesculus FlavaModerate-FALL 2024
HorsechestnutAesculus HippocastanumModerate1-2ft10
Downy ServiceberryAmalanchier ArboreaModerate1ft5
Yellow BirchBetula AlleghaniensisModerate-FALL 2024
Paper BirchBetula PapyriferaFast2-3ft1
European HornbeamCarpinus BetulusSlow3-4ft5
Bitternut HickoryCarya CordiformisSlow-FALL 2024
Shagbark HickoryCarya OvataSlow-FALL 2024
Mockernut HickoryCarya TomentosaSlow-FALL 2024
American ChestnutCastanea DentataModerate1-2ft2
Northern CatalpaCatalpa SpeciosaFast4-5ft25
HackberryCeltis OccidentalisModerate-FALL 2024
Katsura TreeCercidiphyllum JaponicumFast2-3ft1
Eastern Redbud*Cersis CanadensisModerate2-3ft8
Flowering Dogwood*Cornus Florida-FALL 2024
American BeechFagus GrandifoliaSlow-FALL 2024
Copper BeechFagus Sylvatica 'Purpurea'Slow2-3ft2
European BeechFagus SylvaticaSlow2-3ft7
White AshFraxinus AmericanaModerate1-2ft1
European AshFraxinus ExcelsiorModerate8-9ft1
Green AshFraxinus PennsylvanicaFast-SOLD OUT
Maidenhair TreeGinkgo BilobaSlow-SOLD OUT
Honey-locustGleditsia TriacanthosFast3-4ft12
Kentucky Coffee TreeGymnocladus DioicusSlow2-3ft2
HeartnutJuglans AilantifoliaFast-SOLD OUT
ButternutJuglans CinereaModerate2-3ft6
Black WalnutJuglans NigraModerate2-3ft2
English 'Carpathian' Walnut*Juglans Regia 'Carpathian'Moderate-FALL 2024
Golden Chain TreeLaburnum AnagyroidesFast-FALL 2024
Sweet Gum*Liquidambar StyracifluaModerate-FALL 2024
Tulip TreeLiriodendron TulipiferaFast-FALL 2024
Prairie CrabappleMalus Ioensis-FALL 2024
Cucumber TreeMagnolia AcuminataModerate-SOLD OUT
Dawn RedwoodMetasequoia GlyptostroboidesFast-FALL 2024
Black TupeloNyssa SylvaticaSlow-FALL 2024
IronwoodOstrya VirginianaSlow-SOLD OUT
Eastern White PinePinus StrobusFast-SOLD OUT
American SycamorePlatanus OccidentalisFast2-3ft2
London Plane*Platanus x AcerifoliaFast-SOLD OUT
Balsam PoplarPopulus BalsamiferaFast4-5ft3
Lombardy PoplarPopulus Nigra 'Italica'Fast5-6ft3
Quaking AspenPopulus TremuloidesFast-SOLD OUT
Black CherryPrunus SerotinaFast1-2ft10
White OakQuercus AlbaSlow3-4ft8
Scarlet OakQuercus CoccineaSlow2-3ft3
Northern Pin OakQuercus EllipsoidalisSlow-FALL 2024
Shingle Oak*Quercus ImbricariaSlow-SOLD OUT
Bur OakQuercus MacrocarpaSlow2-3ft5
Chinkapin OakQuercus MuehlenbergiiSlow3-4ft3
Durmast OakQuercus PetraeaSlow3-4ft5
Chestnut OakQuercus PrinusSlow-SOLD OUT
English OakQuercus RoburSlow4-6ft3
Northern Red OakQuercus RubraSlow3-4ft2
Shumard Oak*Quercus ShumardiiSlow4-5ft6
Black OakQuercus VelutinaSlow-SOLD OUT
Staghorn SumacRhus TyphinaFast-SOLD OUT
Black LocustRobinia PseudoacaciaFast2-3ft1
Weeping WillowSalix 'Chrysocoma'Fast-FALL 2024
White WillowSalix AlbaFast3-4ft8
Curly WillowSalix MatsudanaFast3-4ft10
Mountain AshSorbus AmericanaSlow-SOLD OUT
Eastern White CedarThuja OccidentalisSlow3-4ft20
American LindenTilia AmericanaModerate-FALL 2024
Small Leaf LindenTilia CordataModerate4-6ft10
Large Leaf LindenTilia PlatyphyllosModerate4-5ft3
Silver LindenTilia TomentosaModerate-FALL 2024
American ElmUlmus AmericanaFast-FALL 2024
Scotch ElmUlmus GlabraFast4-5ft5
Slippery ElmUlmus RubraFast-SOLD OUT

*CHANCY TREES – Less cold hardy. Should be planted in sheltered locations in Zone 5b. Mulch the root zone well.


$3 each or 4 for $10

I strongly recommend purchasing or making your own tree cages. I have been using these homemade cages for 4 years in my plantation and so far I have not lost a sapling to deer or rodents. I have had to replace a few cages where the deer have tried to get at the tree and crumpled the mesh or broken the stake.