Help Save the Monarch Butterflies

The Monarch butterfly is now considered an at risk species due to the absence of the Milkweed plant, on which, the Monarch larvae depends as its only source of food. Without the plant, the Monarch's reproductive cycle is broken.

With every tree purchase this Spring, customers will be offered FREE Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias Incarnata) perennials to plant in their yards (while stocks last). They grow 2 to 4 feet tall so plant along a rear border of a flower bed with plenty of sun and enjoy the beautiful pink flowers in late summer of the second or third year. Additional Milkweed plants can be purchased for $2.50 each.

My goal is to achieve a more scattered distribution of these plants instead of just a few isolated clusters that currently exist in this region.


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New for 2023


After countless hours, foraging thousands of seeds across southern New Brunswick, the native species below are a selection germinating in spring of 2023. It seemed to be a lean year for seed production across many native species so my efforts were not as fruitful as I would have liked. I will be germinating a hundred or so of each species but could grow many more of some species upon request.
Red Spruce
White Spruce
Yellow Birch
Northern Red Oak
Black Cherry


Continuing with my fascination for experimenting with different tree species, below is a small selection of some of the seeds that I will be germinating in spring. If interested, you may reserve for fall. Amid global warming, it’s always interesting to see how more southerly species fare here as native species gradually migrate northward, albeit, at a much slower pace than the temperature increase.
American Persimmon - large edible fruits and quite ornamental
Pawpaw - a small, tropical-like tree with edible fruits
Sassafras - a small, aromatic tree with cute mitten shaped leaves
Cucumber Magnolia - the hardiest magnolia and quite a rare tree
Sweet Gum - star shaped foliage - grown from northern sourced seed
Prairie Crabapple - an ornamental that is very commonly planted
Flowering Dogwood - a small tree with beautiful spring flowers
Handkerchief Tree - very experimental as it is cold hardy to zone 6!
Golden Rain Tree - a small Asian tree with interesting seed pods
Paperbark Maple - a small Asian tree with beautiful brown, peeling bark
Dawn Redwood - a very tall Asian conifer once thought to be extinct
Katsura Tree - attractive foliage with sweet smelling leaves in fall
American Witch Hazel - a very small tree with late fall flowers

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