Forestation Projects

Following a disappointing seed harvest in fall 2022, 2023 was a very fruitful year for most native tree species. In spring 2024, Treadwell Tree Nursery will be propagating several hundred each of many native tree species for larger projects such as reforestation and afforestation across New Brunswick. For genetic preservation, only locally sourced seed from southern New Brunswick will be harvested and only from naturally occurring parent trees that appear healthy. 

Broad-leaf Seedlings

Jiffy pellets will be used for propagating conifers and pioneer broad-leaf species like birch. These are excellent for fast, easy transplanting. Larger Jiffy pellets and plastic plugs will be used for the larger seed species such as maples and oaks. Deeper containers will be used for very large seeds like walnuts. 

Ironwood's Germinating

Visit the Forestation Inventory for more information.