Landscaping Projects

At Treadwell Tree Nursery we grow trees to serve many purposes. If you’re looking for a tree to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden – you’ll find it here. Maybe homesteading is your goal, growing nut or wild fruit producing trees for your own consumption. Perhaps you want a tree to provide future shade to your yard or to brighten it up with a spectacular show of spring flowers or fall colours. Then there are the endangered tree species for the conservation minded or rare species for those that want to make a unique statement.

Tree Nursery Saplings

The website is enriched with information about the wide variety of trees available including a multitude of photographs, personally taken over the past six years. By clicking on the ‘Trees’ menu tab, you’ll find the trees divided into six main categories each leading to the tree-data-sheets. To further assist your quest for the right tree, the search and filter option in the footer will allow you to type in specific requirements that you are looking for, narrowing down your list to a few suitable contenders.

Walnut Saplings

We hope you enjoy perusing the website and hopefully you’ll be inspired to plant a tree!