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Katsura Tree

Katsura Tree

Katsura Tree

Cercidiphyllum Japonicum

This native of Japan and China makes for an excellent shade and ornamental tree. The heart-shaped leaves change colour with the seasons from reddish-purple when emerging in spring to blue-green in summer to bright yellow in fall. A pleasant sweet smell is emitted from the decomposing leaves in fall. Wind pollinated male and female flowers appear on separate trees before the leaves unfurl. Only trees with female flowers will produce seeds and only if a male tree is nearby. Free of any serious pests and diseases with no invasive traits.

Additional information




Native to Asia


Medium (30-60ft)




Oval, Pyramidal

Growth Rate



Moderate (50 to 100 years)

Hardiness Zones *

4, 5

Sun Exposure

Full Sun (over 6 hrs), Partial Sun (4 to 6 hrs)

Soil Preferences *

Moist, Slightly Acidic, Well Draining

Soil Tolerances

Clay, Slightly Alkaline, Wet

Other Tolerances

Road Salt

Ornamental Interest

Leaves (shape)

Wildlife Value

Insect Pollinators (flowers)

Seed Collection

Ordered Online

Planting Considerations

Intolerant of Drought

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