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Bur Oak

Bur Oak

Bur Oak

(Burr Oak, Mossycup Oak)

Quercus Macrocarpa

A large, long-lived, stately shade tree native to New Brunswick. Considered endangered in our province due to more than a century of harvesting for its wood and clear cutting for agriculture. Attractive shiny, green, lobed leaves and large acorns that provide valuable food for local wildlife. Trees have both male and female flowers on the same tree and are wind pollinated but set seed better when more than one tree is present. Can produce hybrid seeds if planted near other oak species from white oak group.

Additional information




Native to New Brunswick, Native to North America


Large (60-100ft)




Irregular, Round

Growth Rate



Long (over 100 years)

Hardiness Zones *

3, 4, 5

Sun Exposure

Full Sun (over 6 hrs), Partial Sun (4 to 6 hrs)

Soil Preferences *

Moist, Slightly Alkaline, Well Draining

Soil Tolerances

Clay, Dry, Slightly Acidic

Other Tolerances

Occasional Drought, Occasional Flooding, Urban Pollution

Ornamental Interest

Leaves (shape)

Wildlife Value

Birds (fruits/seeds), Butterfly Larvae (leaves), Large Mammals (fruits/seeds), Small Mammals (fruits/seeds)

Human Value

Carpentry (wood), Fuel (wood)

Seed Collection

Ordered Online, Personally in NB

Planting Considerations

Messy Seed Litter

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