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Cucumber Tree

Cucumber Tree

Cucumber Tree

(Mountain Magnolia)                             

Magnolia Acuminata

A large, rare tree native to southern Ontario and northeastern USA. The hardiest magnolia in North America and the only one native to Canada. Large, dark-green leaves up to 10 inches long. Peculiar green fruits, 2 to 3 inches long, that slightly resemble small cucumbers. They turn an attractive pinkish-red upon maturity. Flowers are ‘perfect’ containing both male and female parts. They are large, yellow-green and tulip-like but not as showy as other magnolias. Self-pollination is rare as pollen ripens after stigma is no longer receptive so plant at least 2 trees if seed is required. The species is relatively free of diseases and pests.

Additional information




Native to North America


Large (60-100ft)




Oval, Round

Growth Rate



Long (over 100 years)

Hardiness Zones *

3, 4, 5

Sun Exposure

Full Sun (over 6 hrs), Partial Sun (4 to 6 hrs)

Soil Preferences *

Moist, Slightly Acidic, Well Draining

Soil Tolerances

Slightly Alkaline

Ornamental Interest

Fruit, Flowers (attractive), Leaves (shape)

Wildlife Value

Birds (fruits/seeds), Small Mammals (fruits/seeds)

Human Value

Carpentry (wood)

Seed Collection

Ordered Online

Planting Considerations

Intolerant of Drought, Intolerant of Urban Pollution

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