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Prairie Crabapple

Prairie Crabapple

Prairie Crabapple

(Iowa Crabapple)

Malus Ioensis

A very popular, hardy, ornamental tree native to midwestern USA that is commonly planted in gardens well outside its natural range. In spring, a profusion of pinkish-white flowers covers the tree making quite a spectacle. The leaves can turn a vivid red in fall if they escape defoliation from a variety of hungry critters. Small yellow-green fruits provide a wealth of food for birds and mammals both large and small.

Additional information




Native to North America


Small (under 30ft)




Irregular, Round

Growth Rate



Moderate (50 to 100 years)

Hardiness Zones *

3, 4, 5

Sun Exposure

Full Sun (over 6 hrs), Partial Sun (4 to 6 hrs)

Soil Preferences *

Moist, Slightly Acidic, Well Draining

Soil Tolerances

Dry, Slightly Alkaline

Other Tolerances

Occasional Drought, Road Salt, Urban Pollution

Ornamental Interest

Fruit, Flowers (attractive), Leaves (colour)

Human Value

Carpentry (wood)

Wildlife Value

Bees (flowers), Birds (fruits/seeds), Butterflies (flowers), Butterfly Larvae (leaves), Insect Pollinators (flowers), Large Mammals (fruits/seeds), Small Mammals (fruits/seeds)

Seed Collection

Ordered Online

Planting Considerations

Messy Seed Litter

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